The AV1000 is a unit designed for areas with larger or more stringent, medical-grade needs, but are accessible for any facility looking for a solution for air purification.

This unit is meant for ambient air purification in gathering spaces such as lobbies, common rooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, etc. and can be customized to blend into the aesthetics of most rooms.

The 4 filter system includes:

1. UV-C Chamber
Using ultraviolet light that breaks apart germs and bacteria the UV-C chamber is a germicidal that eradicates any living organism.

2. Carbon filter
The carbon filter removes gases through a bed of active carbon and can combat anything from natural gas to cigarette smoke.

3. MERV 8 filter pre-HEPA
Collects particles as small as 3 microns and aids in making sure no particles make it out of the first 3 filters.  Provides added protection for the HEPA filter.

4. Medical grade true HEPA filter
The final stage of filtration filters out any smaller particles that may have been missed catching anything as small as .03 micros. Most bacteria are no smaller than 2 micros and mold is no smaller than 3 microns.

In a 30’x30’x10’ space, the AV1000 provides an additional 6.6 ACH on top of existing HVAC.
*Assume 2 ACH by existing HVAC if unknown.

Talk to a specialist today about unit financing options and what system will best suit your needs.

AV1000 render door in office
AV1000 render door in office
Purair Library Vanderwell
Purair Library Vanderwell

Calculate how many AV1000 units your office needs to meet the CDC ventilation guidelines on Air Changes per Hour (ACH).