Pura Air Purification Keeps Your Care Homes Safe Even During Flu Season

Research shows that simply coughing and sneezing causes thousands of microdroplet’s, which can remain suspended in the air for up to six hours. Microdroplet’s contain bacteria, viruses, infectious and non-infectious particles that can expose workers and residents to greater risk of catching COVID 19.

With current HVAC systems air is only turned over 2 to 5 times per hour and over 80% of the air is recycled for cost savings. With an air purification system you can turn air over four times more per hour will ensuring viruses and bacteria are killed during the process leaving you with clean air you can trust.

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Why You Need Air Purification

Working with a team of experts in industrial clean air, UVC germicidal light applications, infectious disease, and HVAC engineers Pura Air Purification created a system that purifies and cleans the air and is 99.99% effective.

Unlike your regular HVAC system Pura Air Purification Systems change the air up to 4 times more per hour and using UV lighting chambers kill all viruses and bacteria caught in the air.

Building An Answer 

Increased ventilation is recommended to help disperse the harmful particles in the air but is not the only solution.

Our technology is designed to integrate seamlessly into your space and increase the air-changes per hour without modifications to your existing HVAC without the need for drastic installation costs. The system removes and sterilizes 99.99% of viruses such as COVID-19, hepatitis A, influenza, & rotavirus.

The AV1000 our portable unit can work to make common spaces safer by increasing air changes per hour in the room and offering increased air purification measures to ensure everyone can enjoy enriching and safe interactions while enjoying the simple pleasures of sharing good food, visiting family and social activities every single day.

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Why Pura Air Purification is the Right Solution For Your Care Home

Pura Air has developed a centralized air filtration and purification system to address all the above essentials. It is based on the best practices outlined by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH®). The keys? We start by addressing the risk at the source, provide appropriate airflow, which is scaled to industrial ventilation standards, drawing contaminated air through a filtration unit that purifies and filters the air to a level of 99.99%, returning safe clean air back into the space.

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