Reduce The Risk of Viruses in Your Office or Commercial Space With a Pura Air Purification System

There are many different office and industrial settings that require air purification to keep employees and visitors safe. Pura Air Purification Systems were created to ensure 4 step air purification that works for large and small spaces. Talk to a specialist today about your needs and we will suggest the best product to keep your air clean.

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Why You Need Air Purification

Working with a team of experts in industrial clean air, UVC germicidal light applications, infectious disease, and HVAC engineers Pura Air Purification created a system that purifies and cleans the air and is 99.99% effective.

Unlike your regular HVAC system Pura Air Purification Systems change the air up to 4 times more per hour and using UV lighting chambers kill all viruses and bacteria caught in the air.

Shopping malls, stores, restaurants, offices, and industrial buildings all have employees and customers that need to be protected. Pura Air Purification Systems have centralized and stand alone units made for any room size.

Why You Can’t Just “Add” to Your HVAC System

Building HVAC systems are designed to deliver heating and cooling. They are not cleaning the air. The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) recommends a minimum amount of air changes in your system. A normal HVAC system can only handle a quarter of the air changes required by the CDC and often re-use 80% of the air they “filter”.

A medical grade system like the Pura Air Purification System is designed to turn the air to CDC recommendations and eradicate all biological matter in the air it cycles using a UV HEPA filtration system that is proven to leave the air cleaner.

TC1200 Pura Air Purification Unit

Why Pura Air Purification is the Right Solution For Your You

Pura Air has developed a centralized air filtration and purification system to address air quality concerns in confined spaces. Biological matter like germs and bacteria live in the air. The Pura Air Purification System captures and kills virus and bacteria DNA. With a centralized and portable unit Pura Air has a system for every building size.