Reduce The Risk of Viruses in Your Dental Office With a Pura Air Purification System

Dental spray is created because of the compressed air and liquid in the dental industry. This forms an invisible cloud of solid and liquid particles that may be composed of water, saliva, plaque and microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. Dental aerosols form as large splatter (>50 microns), droplets (10 – 50 microns) or droplet nuclei (<10 microns). 90% of all dental aerosols are smaller than 5 microns.

What Dentists Think About Pura Air Purification

Dr. Leung a dentist in the Vancouver B.C. area discusses the Pura Air TC1200 Unit in her dental office and how her staff and patients feel about using the Pura Air Purification system.

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How Aerosols Spread in Dental Offices

Because of the nature of dentistry the spread of infection in a dental office is due to bodily fluids of an infected patient coming in contact with surfaces, instruments, or infectious particles that are airborne.

Unlike a hospital environment, patient cannot be isolated or masked, and there are no ways of treatment after masking a patient.  The importance of controlling the disbursement of aerosols is critical in limiting the effects of viruses like Covid-19 and Influenza.

Why You Can’t Just “Add” to Your HVAC System

Building HVAC systems are designed to deliver heating and cooling. They are not cleaning the air. The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) recommends a minimum amount of air changes in your system. A normal HVAC system can only handle a quarter of the air changes required by the CDC and often re-use 80% of the air they “filter”.

A medical grade system like the Pura Air Purification System is designed to turn the air to CDC recommendations and eradicate all biological matter in the air it cycles using a UV HEPA filtration system that is proven to leave the air cleaner.

Why Pura Air Purification is the Right Solution For Your Dental Office

Pura Air has developed a centralized air filtration and purification system to address the issues in dental aerosols cause in a dental office. It is based on the best practices outlined by the American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH®). We start by addressing the risk at the source, provide appropriate airflow, which is scaled to industrial ventilation standards, drawing contaminated air through a filtration unit that purifies and filters the air to a level of 99.99%, returning safe clean air back into the office.

Current Dental Practices

Dr. Stephen Chow, Mission Dental Clinic

Dr. Angelique Leung and Dr. Raymond Fong, Fairview Dental Centre

Dr. Kelvin Mah, Smile City Square Dental

Dr. Wilson J. Kwong, Inspire Dental Group

Dr. Cam Kesteven, Kesteven Dental Care Studio