Fixed Central Air

The TC1200 fixed central air unit addresses large office medical grade air filtration requirements. Similar to how a traditional HVAC system works but separate from your normal HVAC system.

This solution will ensure full turnover of the office air within certain timeframes, passing that air through our irradiation chamber and returning pure, breathable air into the office.

It is configured to be ducted to various operatories using source capture arms or can be individually ducted to regular office space. For medical and dental use, the aerosol extraction arms connected directly to the duct system will provide localized extraction of aerosols during an aerosol generating procedure.

At 54 decibels the TC1200 is silent and works in any office setting.


  • • the VFD fan control and filter pressure sensors
  • • Accommodates 4-6 ceiling-mounted moveable aerosol fume capture arms
  • • Washable aluminum mesh UVC protection screen

Neutralizing and irradiation of viruses via UVC is extremely effective, but made challenging with air movement. It is because of this that Pura Air Systems are large in size. Successful irradiation relies on a combination of dose and lowered velocities. In our designs, we are irradiating the air with a significantly high dose to achieve a reduction rate of LOG 1 before the air passes through the final stage HEPA filter. The final stage of HEPA Filtration (using a scan tested 99.99% @ 0.3 µm HEPA) allows Pura to achieve a 99.99% reduction rate.

The 4 filter system includes:

1. UV-C Chamber
Using ultraviolet light that breaks apart germs and bacteria the UV-C chamber is a germicidal that eradicates any living organism.

2. Carbon filter
The carbon filter removes gases through a bed of active carbon and can combat anything from natural gas to cigarette smoke.

3. MERV 8 Pre-filter for HEPA
Collects particles as small as 3 microns and aids in making sure no particles make it out of the first 3 filters. Provides added protection to the HEPA filter.

4. Medical grade true HEPA filter
The final stage of filtration filters out any smaller particles that may have been missed catching anything as small as .03 micros. Most bacteria are no smaller than 2 micros and mold is no smaller than 3 microns.

Talk to a specialist today about the best system to fit your needs and our available financing options.

TC1200 in dental clinic
Dentist and patient
TC1200 in dental clinic
TC1200 in dental clinic