Indoor Air Quality Summit 2021

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PURA AIR is proud to be a Summit Partner in the 2021 Indoor Air Quality Summit!

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is often seen as an afterthought in managing a building’s heating ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC). In non-medical applications, adding filters to an HVAC system was once seen to solve the problem of indoor air quality. The pandemic has turned the light on IAQ.  health and safety, return to work initiatives, and economic recovery may hinge on truly addressing the air quality in our buildings.

Join us for a morning of IAQ insight, practical how-to’s, thought leadership and peer conversations that will help you get your facility or place of business prepared to welcome people back to work and to normal life activities.

WHEN (MST):    Tuesday, April 13, 2021
8:00AM               Virtual Networking
9:00AM               Summit Begins, Keynote Speakers
11:00AM              Breakout Sessions
12:30PM              Virtual Networking
1:00PM                Summit Ends

WHO:  This summit is designed for all those interested in learning about improving IAQ in their work spaces, buildings and facilities.  Will be of specific interest to facility managers, municipal and institutional maintenance managers, business owners and business leaders looking for practical guidance and best practices.

Featuring:   This is a virtual event that will feature three keynotes and breakout sessions that will discuss topics such as:

  • -Lung Health: Why indoor air quality matters more than ever
  • -Air filtration vs air purification
  • -UVC safety and applications during a pandemic
  • -What is an IAQ Audit and how the science is applied
  • -Bringing our people back—Occupational Health and Safety/Human Resource Perspectives

Keynote Speakers

Speaker: Dr. Albert Rizzo

Chief Medical Officer, American Lung Association

Indoor Air Quality and Lung Health: How Lung-Friendly is Your Workplace

How does Indoor Air Quality impact your overall lung health? Dr. Rizzo will explore  many ways and reasons it does. Learn about clean air at home, how lung-friendly your workplace is, ventilation – how buildings breathe and what Sick Building Syndrome is.

Speaker: Dr. Brian Fleck
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Alberta

Air- The Forgotten Non-Pharmaceutical Health Precaution:  
Its role in getting us back to work and how your mechanical system strategies matter.


Speaker: Femke Megens- de Poorter

Global Product and Design-in Manager UVPurification, Signify

What We Can Do With UV-C Lamps

An introduction to UV-C; how and where to apply it, and what things to consider for your particular situation.


Early Bird Rate: $50 until March 31
Regular Rate: $75 April 1st – 12th

Information:      For more information and sponsorship opportunities, contact



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