The MRP600 is a portable air filtration unit that works in smaller spaces like offices and classrooms.

With a medical grade compact filtration system the MRP600 filters in four steps.

The 3 filter system includes:

1. UV-C Chamber
Using ultraviolet light that breaks apart germs and bacteria the UV-C chamber is a germicidal that eradicates any living organism.

2. MERV 6 Carbon impregnated pre-filter
This pre-filter captures larger particulate matter ahead of the HEPA filter, while also adding odor absorption through the carbon.

3. Medical grade true HEPA filter
The final stage of filtration filters out any smaller particles that may have been missed catching anything as small as .03 micros. Most bacteria are no smaller than 2 micros and mold is no smaller than 3 microns.

The MRP600 has a .75 HP motor that simply plugs into any wall socket and works outside of your regular HVAC system. Removing viruses, contaminants, mold, and pathogens is easy with this portable filtration unit.

If you are worried about sound the MRP600 has been registered at no more than 60 decibels with the average air conditioner registering at up to 82 decibels.

With financing options available this system is made for smaller room sizes like classrooms and offices.

For larger unit options take a look at our AV 1000 or TC 1200 both units cover larger areas with a more permanent placement.

MRP 600 render - airflowapr2021
MRP 600 Portable Air Filter

Calculate how many MRP600 units your office needs to meet the CDC ventilation guidelines on Air Changes per Hour (ACH).