Portable P300

The P300 is a portable unit with an extraction arm that can be placed above the head of a dental patient to ensure maximum coverage to areas of most concern. The unit is made for small office spaces and works best in dental office application or hyper localized areas.

The unit works outside of your regular HVAC system and measures at only 54 decibels making it quiet and easy to work around.

The arm has two hood styles including a round and square option.

The 3 filter system includes:

1. UV-C Chamber
Using ultraviolet light that breaks apart germs and bacteria the UV-C chamber is a germicidal that eradicates any living organism.

2. MERV 6 Carbon Impregnated Pre-filter
This pre-filter captures larger particulate matter ahead of the HEPA filter, while also adding odor absorption through the carbon.

3. Medical grade true HEPA filter
The final stage of filtration filters out any smaller particles that may have been missed catching anything as small as .03 micros. Most bacteria are no smaller than 2 micros and mold is no smaller than 3 microns.

If you are looking for a medical grade air purification to cover your entire room check out the MRP600 which is a similar unit in size without the extraction arm.

Talk to a specialist today to find out what model will suit your area best and ask about our available financing options.

P300 portable air filter with extraction arm
P300 portable air filter with extraction arm
P300 portable air filter with extraction arm