The core of all solutions is the removal of viruses, contaminants, spores, molds, and pathogens. This is accomplished through our leading science-based approach to filtration.

Not only are we able to capture airborne particulate, Pura Air™ ensures we eradicate risk at the molecular level by employing UV and medical grade HEPA filtration technology. 

Leveraging this technology, Pura Air™ has developed key products, that can adapt to different use cases.

Our Products

Fixed Central Air TC1200

This system addresses office air purification requirements from a central source. This solution will ensure full turnover of the office air within certain timeframes, passing that air through our irradiation chamber and returning pure, breathable air into the office, without interfering with the HVAC system. It is configured to be ducted to  operatories using source capture arms or can be individually ducted to offices. For dental/medical use, the aerosol extraction arms connected directly to the duct system will provide localized extraction of aerosols during an aerosol generating procedure. Purchase and leasing options available.

P300 Portable Unit

The portable application addresses environments where a fixed HVAC approach will not work. The portable system will look similar to other purification systems we currently see on the market; however, unlike competing solutions, it will have our irradiation technology.  Once again returning pure breathable air back into the environment. 


Similar to the P300 the MRP600 pulls in 600cfms. Removal of the extraction arm increases the cfm of the portable unit making it an excellent alternative for a portable ambient air cleaning solution. This system is best for large rooms like offices and schools as well as mobile applications such as specialty vehicles, remote offices and more.


The AV1000 is a unit designed for areas with larger or more stringent, medical-grade needs, but are accessible for any facility looking for a solution for air purification.  This unit is meant for ambient air purification in gathering spaces such as lobbies, common rooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, boardrooms, etc. and can be customized to blend into the aesthetics of most rooms.  The AV1000 will contain the same UVC irradiation technology as the Fixed Central Air TC1200 unit.