Help Teachers and Students Feel Safe  Attending Class With The Best Air Purification Unit

Students and teachers attending school are at a greater risk of transmitting COVID 19 because of proximity and poor air flow. What if you could promise your students and teachers clean air and less risk of catching a virus transmitted through the air. Microdroplet’s can remain in the air and on surfaces for up to 6 hours. While students and teachers are in such close proximity it is becoming increasingly important to keep the air clean and moving.

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Why You Need Air Purification

Working with a team of experts in industrial clean air, UVC germicidal light applications, infectious disease, and HVAC engineers Pura Air Purification created a system that purifies and cleans the air and is 99.99% effective.

Unlike your regular HVAC system Pura Air Purification Systems change the air up to 4 times more per hour and using UV lighting chambers kill all viruses and bacteria caught in the air.

Easily Fits in Any Space

The Pura Air technology is designed to integrate seamlessly into your space, increase the air-changes per hour without modifications to your existing HVAC or the need for drastic installation costs, and remove and sterilize 99.99% of viruses such as COVID-19, hepatitis A, influenza, & rotavirus.

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Why Pura Air Purification is the Right Solution For Your School

Pura Air has developed a centralized air filtration and purification system to address all the school essentials. We start by addressing the risk at the source, provide appropriate airflow, which is scaled to industrial ventilation standards, drawing contaminated air through a filtration unit that purifies and filters the air to a level of 99.99%, returning safe clean air back into the space.